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  • Brenton Myatt

Dog Colognes

Groom Professional Popular Colognes

  • Princess is based on fine fragrance with sparkling and spicy notes of mandarin, lemon and pepper leading to a floral heart of rose and jasmine - fit for royalty.

  • Prince has a lovely sweet smell with a slight hint of musk and is a must for any prince pooch wannabe! It has extracts of lemon, lime & sweet mandarin.

  • Diva is a based on a popular fragrance which has a beautiful female scent – rightfully called Diva to keep your Diva Dog smelling as such!

  • Star contains jasmine, rose and lily pefume to leave them smelling like a superstar.

  • First Love consists of fresh rose fused with balsams, hawthorn, sandalwood and musk.

  • Blue Lagoon has a natural green citrus fragrance with aromatic herbs - fresh as sea air!

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