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  • Brenton Myatt

Blo i600 Dryer and Blaster

Updated: May 8, 2019

The i600 Ionic dryer/blaster is the ultimate machine for the busy salon. It has two motors which are controlled by a variable speed switch as well as a variable heat setting. It incorporates the latest dryer technology including an ionic capability, which means the hair dries faster, with less damage and retains shine and vitality. It has a special inlet system to reduce noise, leading to more comfortable working environment. It can be used as a blaster or finishing dryer using the straight dryer pipe, or the 2.5 metre hose. Comes with adjustable stand on wheels for convenience and comfort.

  • Variable speed & heat settings

  • Hair dries faster with less damage

  • Reduces noise

  • Can be used as blaster or finishing dryer

  • Adjustable stand on wheels

  • 3400 Watts.

  • Sold with 12 months warranty.

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