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4 in 1 Spray

April 2019

This spray will cool, lubricate, clean and disinfect clipper blades while they are being used, results are instantaneous.

  • Use as often as required or at least once every 10 minutes. 

  • For best results, use in conjunction with our Groom Professional Clipper Oil. 

  • For optimum blade care also use our and Groom Professional Klip Well Blade Wash to thoroughly clean and disinfect blades

  • Size: 400ml aerosol


GP Dog Colognes

April 2019

The Groom Professional range of dog colognes are perfect for the professional groomer or for the client who wants their furry friend to smell great all year round. With an extensive range that caters for all tastes and odours. The range includes:

  • Princess

  • Prince

  • Diva

  • Star

  • First Love

  • Blue Lagoon


i600 Dryer & Blaster

April 2019

The i600 Ionic dryer/blaster has two motors which are controlled by a variable speed switch as well as a variable heat setting. It incorporates the latest dryer technology including an ionic capability, which means the hair dries faster, with less damage and retains shine and vitality. It has a special inlet system to reduce noise, leading to more comfortable working environment. It can be used as a blaster or finishing dryer using the straight dryer pipe, or the 2.5 metre hose. Comes with adjustable stand on wheels for convenience and comfort.

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